Five Tips To Supercharge Your Law Firm's Social Media Strategy

Few law firms have implemented a truly productive social media strategy that keeps their audience engaged, broadcasts the firm’s successes, and expands the firm’s organic reach. This is a mistake, especially now that 79% of clients are open to the idea of working with a lawyer remotely, meaning your digital presence has never been more important.

In this blog, we explore five tips to enhance your law firm’s social media presence and stand out from the competition.

1. Leverage Your Existing Content

Most law firms don’t post on social media because they believe they have nothing to post about. When handling social media in-house, without the help of an agency, it can be tricky to develop a robust and consistent content calendar, because attorneys simply don’t have the time to do research and develop novel posts. 

However, even with limited resources, you should be using social media as a channel to amplify content that you already have, such as your blog pages. This will help widen your audience and drive traffic to your website.

2. Post Regularly

Few law firms have a consistent social media posting schedule. They’ll post once in a blue moon, or re-share an article once a week, and then act surprised when their social media following remains stagnant for months on end. Posting consistently is important not only in terms of engaging your current following, but in attracting new followers to your social media accounts. 

Most law firm social media agencies use scheduling tools such as Hootsuite or HubSpot in order to plan out social media content a few days or weeks in advance, and ensure the posts are going out at the most optimal times for your audience. They should be looking out for the days and times that you see the highest amount of engagement in order to maximize the reach of your posts.

3. Post Different Kinds Of Content

The content that you promote on your social media platforms should be diverse. If you only ever post to ask your audience to schedule a consultation, they’ll likely ignore you or unfollow your page altogether. 

Instead, you’ll want to post client success stories, tell your audience about awards you’ve won or recognition you’ve received, highlight attorneys in your practice, share third-party content that relates to your practice areas, and broadcast blogs, to name just a few post ideas. The more dynamic and diverse your feed is, the higher you can expect your engagement to be.

4. Track Your Progress

Investing time and energy into social media is only helpful if these efforts result in higher engagement, a higher following, and more website traffic. And you won’t know if any of these things are happening unless you track them. 

LinkedIn provides you with all of the tools you need to track weekly visitors, new followers added each month, average engagement by post, link clicks, and more. Your law firm social media agency should be reporting on these metrics on a weekly or monthly basis, and using this data to further inform their strategy. Take note of the types of posts that perform well, the types of followers that are the most engaged, and any other trends.

5. Ditch The "Lawyerspeak"

The best way to make your content digestible is to ditch the lawyerspeak. Your clients don’t know industry terminology, so it’s better to put things in layman’s terms in order to ensure your posts are engaging and accessible to a wider audience. 

There’s an important distinction to be made, though, between easily digestible content and overly-casual messaging. It’s all about understanding your target persona and speaking their language. A law firm social media agency will help you strike the right balance between professionalism and eye-catching slogans.

*   *   * 

If your law firm has yet to invest in social media or is struggling to make your strategy bear fruit, our team of law firm social media experts can help. We take care of every aspect of your digital presence so you don’t have to think about it and can benefit from the increase in organic engagement. Request a free consultation to learn more about how FullFunnel can help your firm maximize its potential.


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