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FullFunnel provides access to top-tier talent to elevate underdeveloped or underperforming portfolio companies. We create operational continuity within your portfolio. Our comprehensive approach uses a financial mindset to develop solutions designed for growth that is both sustainable and aggressive. 

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Our offerings address every aspect of the RevOps function. From strategy to execution, if it has to do with revenue operations, we’ve got you covered.


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Untappd Overcomes Stagnant Sales With FullFunnel's Help in Sales Operations and Training

Case Study

Untappd, a prominent B2C application owned by Next Glass, aimed to expand its B2B sales operations but was getting subpar outcomes and unfavorable financial returns. Through a combination of data analysis, sales training, and optimized reporting, FullFunnel helped get their sales program on track with increased productivity and effectiveness. 

About the Company

Next Glass, a private-equity funded company, is positioned as the worldwide leader in bevtech with a yearly repeat recurring revenue exceeding $30 million.

Leading their efforts is Untappd, which offers a unique in-app experience to restaurant, bar, and taproom patrons while delivering a feature-rich platform for those venues to drive brand awareness and growth.


FullFunnel Exceeds ROI Target for Zumba

Case Study

Zumba is the largest branded fitness program in the world, with millions of students around the globe. The company is constantly searching for new instructors to lead an ever-growing population of students. Prior to working with FullFunnel, they did not have a segmentation and attribution system to determine which channels were most productive and efficient. Nor did they have the resources to follow up with every lead. FullFunnel filled their capacity gap and implemented CRM changes to exceed their ROI targets.


"The FullFunnel team has exceeded expectations and has proven to be a great partner, providing the resources, support, and expertise we needed to hit our growth targets."

Lucy Levy
VP of Global Acquisition, Zumba


FullFunnel Scales Sales for Expensify

Case Study

Expensify was expanding rapidly and struggling to meet consumer demand.  As a result, they were looking to scale their customer success and onboarding team in a very short period of time. FullFunnel was able to provide the requisite talent in the required time frame and all representatives passed the comprehensive interview process and training program. 

About the Company

Expensify is a publicly traded company that helps individuals and businesses around the world simplify the way they manage money. Founded in 2008 and based in San Francisco, Expensify’s Super App supports more than 10 million people and 89,000 companies, helping simplify expense tracking, next-day reimbursement, invoicing, bill pay, and travel booking all in one app. 


Sales 3.0 Blog

Do you want to keep up to date on best practices for revenue operations? Then this is the blog for you! We cover demand generation, pipeline management, customer success, and other hot topics so you can stay competitive in a Sales 3.0 landscape.

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