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Customer Success Stories

EnableSoft Achieves Acquisition Goal with FullFunnel

EnableSoft, now owned by Nintex, is a leading robotic process automation (RPA) software company that has spent the last 20 years providing organizations with a faster time-to-value than any other competitor in the market. They made their mark by automating various back-end manual tasks and projects, improving organizations’ operational efficiency ratios and significantly decreasing operational costs.

FullFunnel Grows DAG's Qualified Pipeline by $6M in 14 Months

Data Advantage Group is an industry leader in metadata management and data governance solutions and was recognized by Gartner’s Magic Quadrant as a top challenger in the space. Their MetaCenter® solution helps large enterprises govern their information assets and enable agile data management.

Custom-designed CRM Gives Power to the Salespeople for AKDO

Working with FullFunnel as their implementation partner, AKDO transformed their sales technology stack to better equip employees with the tools they need to perform day-to-day sales work.

FullFunnel Teams Up With IAG to Boost Sales

IAG is the developer of Decipher, an industry standard intellectual property solution enabling companies to better manage and leverage their intellectual property and innovation activities to increase company revenues.

FullFunnel Helps Bullet Solutions Accelerate Revenue

Bullet Solutions is a company based in Porto, Portugal, that develops scheduling and timetabling software. The company’s leading product ensures the real-time automatic class scheduling for over 100 global Higher Education Institutions.

FullFunnel Takes Klick Push from Product – Market Fit to Acquisition

Klick Push is revolutionizing how brands connect with their followers and customers. By securing unique music licenses, marketers can curate and add any artist into their ad campaigns without having to deal with the red tape that exists when working with music industry.

FullFunnel Teams Up With LeanBox to Bring Workplace Food Service Suite to Market

LeanBox improves workplaces through food and beverage culture. LeanBox is changing the way people consume food at the workplace, by not only sourcing and delivering food, but also collecting real-time purchase data and optimizing the food selection based on employee preferences.

FullFunnel Increases Direct-Brand Opportunities by 145% in Just 4 Months!

Pretio is an advertising technology company based in Victoria, BC with a focus on mobile marketing. With Pretio’s unique ad placement, brands can inject themselves into the paths of consumers during achievement moments within apps and games when users are statistically more likely to convert.

FullFunnel helps VOIQ go to market with new product packaging and accelerated demand generation program

VOIQ is an on demand call force that solves a massive pain point for sales and marketing leaders. VOIQ allows you to create and conduct a full scale outbound call campaign in hours not weeks or months.

FullFunnel Helps Zirtual Grow New Revenue by More Than 500%

Zirtual gives you more time to focus on the big picture by taking care of the little details. As a Zirtual client, you get your very own Virtual Assistant (VA) — a smart, highly trained US-based point person who works remotely as your right hand and left brain. You delegate a task and your VA is on it.

Public Tech Firm Calls on FullFunnel for Channel Partner Program & North American Market Expansion

This European technology firm needed help penetrating the North American market and partnered with FullFunnel to do so. Marketed and sold primarily in Europe, this technology platform required significant product packaging modifications in order to attract North American consumers.

International Client Grows Revenue by 300% in just 10 Months with FullFunnel

Despite some traction in Europe and Asia, this early stage B2B contact and data management solution provider failed to gain traction in the U.S. market. FullFunnel was called in to build and execute a comprehensive go-to market strategy.

Constellation Network Penetrates New Market with FullFunnel

Constellation Network (Constellation) is a leading software infrastructure tool for data provenance, integrity, and encryption. Positioned as “The Blockchain for Big Data” their infrastructure validates and secures data pipelines, improving the visibility and quality of datasets so that data scientists can focus their time and energy on their highest-priority work.

Company Sees 10X ROI with Digital Marketing

The organization called on FullFunnel to onboard the team onto the HubSpot Marketing and HubSpot Sales platforms, and then build and launch digital demand generation programs that drive leads and ultimately close new clients.

FullFunnel Helps Global Telecommunications Company Drive Over $26M in Qualified Pipeline

FullFunnel was hired to build, deploy, and manage a productive paid digital marketing program across both paid search paid social, and display channels. FullFunnel got to work dissecting the competitive digital environment of the North American telecommunications industry, feeding the digital advertising opportunities and threats to internal ad campaign creators in real-time.

FullFunnel Drives over 34,000 Installs for Health & Fitness Mobile App

FullFunnel was hired to help a health & wellness brand’s iOS app empower its fitness users to access customized workouts from certified personal trainers at a fraction of the price compared to hiring in-person coaches. The company’s match-making feature enables the 90% of people with gym memberships who don’t use personal trainers to access customized training fitness plans that fit their own schedules.

FullFunnel Generates Qualified Demand For PartnerMD Despite Uncertain Market

PartnerMD engaged FullFunnel, a sales and marketing outsourcing company in Boston, to analyze the organization’s sales process and develop an engagement roadmap to accelerate the brand’s revenues for executive physicals. Together, the teams have hit their quarter-over-quarter SQL goals, achieving 100% attainment on an ongoing basis and generating roughly $1.5MM in pipeline across six months of prospecting.