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FullFunnel is a global revenue operations services firm that helps organizations be more efficient and more effective. We are always reviewing the latest sales technology to help our clients and we want to share our findings with you. 


Gong provides sales teams with insights into sales conversations, sales coaching, training, and deal analytics. Is it worth it? 


Chorus records sales conversations and provides analysis and insights that can help sales reps improve. Who should use it?

Trellus provides analytics and real-time coaching on outbound sales calls. Who should use it?


Ebsta provides sales pipeline insights and forecasting. Is it right for your organization?

Lead Onion

Lead Onion uses intent signals to identify in-market companies to target for outbound prospecting. But does it work?


Factors de-anonymizes your website visitors and provides customer journey and attribution information. Does it actually work?


TextUs is a business texting software made to increase engagement with leads or customers. Is it worth it?


Avoma is a conversational intelligence tool for meeting efficiency. See what we thought about it.


Bombora provides intent data to B2B organizations for sales acceleration and churn reduction. Who should use it? 

salesreach logo

SalesReach is a buyer enablement tool that delivers personalized experiences to close deals faster and retain clients. See what we thought about it.

Surfe Logo

Surfe helps with LinkedIn prospecting by adding contacts to your CRM from LinkedIn and enriching the data. Who should use it? 


UserGems tracks your key contacts and alerts you to job changes. See what we thought about it. 

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement
Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot) is a marketing automation platform through Salesforce. Should you use it?

slack sales elevate
Slack Sales Elevate

Slack Sales Elevate integrates with Salesforce and enables teams to centralize sales information and processes in Slack. Who should use it?


LinkMatch syncs your activity with LinkedIn prospects with your CRM. See what we thought about it.

snov is an outbound email demand generation tool that finds and verifies emails, warms up email domains, and automates drip campaigns. Does it work?


Orum is an AI parallel dialer for outbound sales meant to increase talk time. Is it the one you should use? 


MosaicVoice is a coaching and analytics tool for voice and video calls. What types of teams does it work best for?


Lavender is an email coaching tool with integrations into most major email platforms and services. Who should use it? 


6sense is a B2B data and predictive intelligence platform with a lot of features. Is it right for your business? 

Salesfinity square

Salesfinity is an AI parallel dialer that is meant to increase talk time for outbound sales. What makes it different than other choices? 

hockeystack logo

HockeyStack is a analytics and attribution tool that helps predict and grow ROI. Who should use it?

light sweep

Sweep is a Salesforce configuration, management, and customization tool. Is it worth it?


Clay is an AI tool for helping craft the perfect outreach campaign. Who should use it?


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Do you want to keep up to date on best practices for revenue operations? Then this is the blog for you! We cover demand generation, pipeline management, customer success, and other hot topics so you can stay competitive in a Sales 3.0 landscape.

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