Conferences 101: How To Effectively Connect With Your ICP

As the world is opening back up after the pandemic, in-person events are becoming more commonplace, and our clients have been asking how they can make the most out of their impact at these events.

Key in-person events for many businesses are industry-specific conferences, as handshakes and pleasantries have the potential to turn into signatures on the dotted line.

However, as more and more prospects and vendors alike are flocking back to conferences, the conference floor becomes flooded with competitive messages and advertisements. In such saturated competition, how can you assure that you are able to connect with your ideal prospects? Try out the below 5 steps to assure that your message is reaching your intended audience.



1. Utilize A Provided Attendance List To Reach Out To Prospects Before The Conference

Often, a conference will provide a list of conference attendees, whether it comes with the purchase of a booth or is an added upsell. This list provides valuable information about who has signed up to attend the conference. Utilizing this list to identify who is attending within your ideal customer profile (ICP) and sending them a short 3-step sequence inviting them to connect with you at the conference will set you up for success before the conference.


2. Send A LinkedIn Connect Request/Exchange Information With Every Prospect You Meet

It is essential to exchange information with all prospects that you speak to. This information should be promptly stored in your CRM with any relevant notes to personalize follow-up after the fact.


3. Once You Do Connect With A Prospect At A Conference, Commit To Concrete Next Steps After The Conference

We see, time and time again, that the excitement of a conference fades away as soon as you leave the conference doors. Prospects often speak to several different vendors and have several different next-step conversations. The more concrete the next steps that can be set at the conference are, the better chance you have to actualize that conversation. Having a tablet with calendar availability handy is a great way to follow through with this.


4. Utilize Personalized Video Follow-Up As An Effective Tool To Reconnect With Prospects After The Conference

Whenever you reconnect with a prospect, you must provide sufficient evidence of the past conversation you had to really remind the prospect of who you are, what you discussed, what value you provide, and why they should care. A video follow-up via email is a great way to do that because you are able to personalize the message and show face to trigger their memory.


5. Identify Prospects Within Your ICP Who You Were Unable To Connect With And Send Them An Email Sequence After You Return From The Conference

Following up with folks within your ICP on the attendees’ list who you did not get to connect with by sending a value-driven “Sorry we weren’t able to connect” email will offer you a second chance to set up a conversation with them.


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Every conference is different, but most conference attendees will undoubtedly be overwhelmed with vendor messaging upon arrival at the conference. Making sure your messaging and marketing plan are consistent, memorable, and value-driven will make all the difference.

If you have any questions on how your organization can best prepare for in-person events, or you need collateral or marketing materials designed to help you maximize your effectiveness, grab some time to speak with our team!


About The Author: Alyssa Gesek


An Account Manager at FullFunnel, Alyssa utilizes her sales and marketing background as a former Digital Marketing Analyst and Sales Analyst to solve demand generation challenges across several organizations and industries in FullFunnel's portfolio. Alyssa thrives on the challenge of helping companies achieve their business goals. Alyssa attended King's College where she served as Captain of the Swim Team. As a resident of Surf City, New Jersey, Alyssa enjoys spending time at the beach and in the ocean whenever possible.

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