Our Approach to Demand Generation For Private Equity & Venture Capital

FullFunnel works with private equity and venture capital firms to create solid CRM process/data infrastructure and drive strategic growth across portfolios. We have found that many PE/VC firms struggle with inconsistent data feeds from one portfolio company to the next, largely due to disparate CRM platforms, training and support challenges, and inconsistent process/engagement. This creates a myriad of problems across various teams - marketing, sales, operations, finance, etc. FullFunnel, through years of experience, has developed a successful process to support the specific needs of each PE and VC firm that we have the opportunity to work with.

The first step is to set each portfolio company up on the same CRM platform to ensure optimization of sales technology. Once the platform is implemented successfully, FullFunnel works with the PE/VC firm to create a specific process for using the platform consistently and effectively. A comprehensive process document is created and distributed across all portfolio companies at which point in-depth training on the specific process begins in order to drive understanding, adoption, and optimization.

The process document is versioned for updates specific to the firm’s process/needs as necessary, and additional training is offered through an ongoing training retainer to make sure that each organization has access to necessary training resources and is following the proper processes on a consistent basis.

Once the firm’s process has been established, FullFunnel builds out an elaborate dashboard suite template - standard across all portfolio companies - which allows for apples-to-apples comparisons from one portfolio company to the next.

These management-ready CRM reports for each portfolio company are built to drive effective data-based analysis and decision-making. The reports are largely based on activity (marketing, sales, etc), performance, and revenue (recurring, non-recurring, expansion, etc), the data for which is produced through the firm’s consistent definition of crucial data points, good CRM process documentation and ongoing support, training and accountability.

When comparing dashboards across portfolio companies, it is easy to find gaps, deficiencies, and areas for improvement. FullFunnel applies a rigorous audit & discovery process to those companies struggling to meet performance objectives in order to determine the best path forward with the goal of meeting/exceeding the PE/VC firm’s goals in mind.

After the audit & discovery process is complete, FullFunnel will prepare a detailed presentation with recommendations across service lines - Consulting, Staffing, Marketing, Technology, and Training - as applicable, to meet the specific needs of each of the portfolio companies that are not performing.

For those companies that are performing, the FullFunnel team will work with their teams to create an optimized strategy for scaling effectively, again, leveraging FullFunnel’s service lines as best applicable.

Whether we’re doing straightforward consulting for companies struggling with target market identification and developing a solid sales process, providing high-performing outsourced Account Executives, BDRs, and BDR Managers, or developing effective marketing content and campaigns by target, FullFunnel leverages 10 years of experience working with more than 400 companies to drive best performance/optimal results across industries and lifecycle stages.

We work together to drive effective strategy that is customized for each portfolio company while remaining focused on the goals and objectives of the PE/VC firm. 



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Do you operate a private equity house, and are looking to put your organization in the best possible position for growth? We can help. FullFunnel's growth experts are prepared to chart your course for demand generation success. Request a free consultation today to learn more about we can help you grow. 


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