Signs SDR Outsourcing Is A Good Fit For Your Organization

We get it, outsourcing can be scary. You’re trusting a third party, and depending on the business function you decide to outsource, you’re placing a lot of trust into their hands. But we also know today’s business landscape isn’t what it used to be, and organizations of all sizes are boosting efficiency and productivity by trusting expert outsourcing agencies to deliver best-in-class results.

One of the most common business functions that companies decide to outsource is sales. And there are many reasons why this may be a good idea for your organization, depending on your financial goals, your internal team, and your overarching operational and business needs. Let’s dive into the signs you should look out for to help determine if SDR outsourcing could be for you.


Lackluster Performance In-House

Many organizations approach sales outsourcing agencies like FullFunnel because they want to A/B test an outsourced asset against their in-house team, especially if their team has been struggling to meet goals. Building a successful, scalable sales team in-house is tricky, especially if you don’t have SDR managers on-staff with the expertise and time required to listen to outbound calls, coach sales reps, and iterate on strategy. This problem is compounded without existing infrastructure in place for training and sales operations, which serve as key components of a strong sales team.

If you’ve got hefty sales goals to hit, and an in-house team that doesn’t seem like it will get you there, it’s never a bad idea to test an outsourced asset in order to determine whether it’s the talent and process at fault, or the product.


You're Looking To Move Fast

Many of the organizations that contact FullFunnel do so because they’re looking to hire a number of SDRs in the short-term, and they don’t have the bandwidth to recruit, hire, and train salespeople efficiently. Ramp-up periods can take months when done in-house, and that’s often not viable for organizations looking to scale sales activity quickly. 

SDR outsourcing agencies will staff qualified salespeople to your account much quicker than you can achieve on your own, and have processes in place to bring those reps up to speed as fast as possible, so they can hit the ground running and start hitting goals.


Employee Turnover Is A Problem

Salesperson turnover is at an all-time high. If you’re handling the recruiting, interviewing, and hiring process internally, you’re spending a lot of time and money on human resources right now. And it’s a competitive labor market out there. The best sales talent is looking for an organization where they can grow fast and progress in their careers. 

SDR outsourcing agencies allow you to offload the cost of hiring completely. They also allow you to stop thinking about turnover altogether. Instead of replacing reps every 6 months either due to lackluster performance or resignations, the outsourcing company now becomes responsible for backfilling and ensuring you have the talent you need.


You've Got more Inbound Than You Know What To Do With

Organizations of all sizes are investing heavily in digital marketing right now, showing ads across a number of platforms and generating huge amounts of leads. Unfortunately, many organizations drop the ball when it comes to actually following up on those leads and making sure they progress down the funnel. This means they’re leaving money on the table, as it often takes several touches to convert a lead. 

SDR outsourcing is often viewed as an outbound-only solution, and that’s a mistake. Some of our happiest clients use outsourced SDRs to chase inbound leads, thereby increasing the lead to SQL conversion rate to ensure the digital ad spend is being put to good use.


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Are you considering outsourcing your SDR function? If so, we should talk. At FullFunnel, we’ve worked with hundreds of companies, big and small, to build and scale successful sales strategies. Request a free consultation to learn more about how we can help you get a return on your sales investment.


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