What’s Right For Your Business: A Marketing, Sales, or Revenue Operations Consultant

Consulting, at its essence, is an art where subject matter experts assist professionals in achieving desired outcomes by leveraging their seasoned expertise. For decades, marketing and sales consultants have been sought after, but there has recently been a significant shift with the advent of the modern Revenue Operations (RevOps) function. What makes revenue operations consultants different? 

Marketing and Sales Consulting Firms

For many years, marketing consulting and sales consulting have been considered different entities. After all, they are often different departments. 

Marketing consultants focused on brand awareness and lead generation. Sales consultants advised on converting leads into customers. Each would claim they bring value to the department they serve, but that is often the issue. Marketing consultants take little or no ownership to what happens once the leads enter the pipeline. Sales consultants can only work with the leads they are given. In a perfect world, sales and marketing departments are aligned but we know that is often not the case. 

There’s a better, more holistic approach.

Revenue Operations Consulting Firms 

Revenue operations is a holistic approach, integrating key business functions to drive growth. Instead of “marketing” and “sales” there are demand generation, pipeline management, and customer success. 

Demand generation creates interest in products or services, pipeline management oversees the progress of potential sales, and customer success ensures clients gain value from their purchases. Consultants play a crucial role in melding these components into a unified strategy, propelling a business towards sustained revenue growth.

Benefits of Revenue Operations Consultants

Even if your organization still has typical marketing and sales departments, you’ll benefit from having consultants with expertise in both. This breadth of experience makes them much more likely to identify the root challenges keeping you from your goals and find the right solution. 

Revenue operations consultants are focused primarily on revenue and growth goals and how well marketing and sales are aligned and integrated to achieve those goals. As such, there is more accountability because revenue operations consultants are engaged throughout the entire client lifecycle.

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