Hiring Internally vs. Outsourcing Marketing: Which is Right For Your Business?

Your business needs results-driven marketing, but what does that
actually look like? What are the associated costs, talent requirements, resources, etc. of a strategy that will fit your business model? It’s necessary to map out all of those details before you can make an educated decision and get you the results you’re striving for.

If you’re strategizing for a robust and effective marketing program to help grow your business, you have two options:

  1. Hire, train, and retain an internal marketing team.
  2. Outsource your marketing to an agency.

There are pros and cons on each side of the spectrum, but it’s important to take a close enough look that you can properly decipher which hiring method will provide your business the most growth opportunity. In order to determine which route makes the most sense for your company, consider the following points!

True Cost and Risk


Internal marketing programs can cost SMBs millions per year just to staff, not to mention train, nurture, and retain top talent.

And, what about when things go wrong? Operational inefficiencies such as attrition, changes in prioritization, and missing skills will significantly impact the bottom line.


Having an experienced and reliable outsourced marketing team decreases margin of error as well as the costs associated with employing an internal marketing staff. Using marketing agency professionals provides you with high caliber skill sets for a fraction of what an internal marketer with those skill sets would cost.

Think about the price of making the wrong internal hire. From recruiting costs to salary to benefits to missed business opportunities to impact on employee morale and, finally, to severance, your company would have to cover all of that.

Can your company risk hiring an internal marketer who may want to leave in 6 months?

Access To Top Talent


You may be leaning toward hiring an internal marketer because a full-time employee has great familiarity with your organization, simply because they are on-site all the time.


But when it comes to reliability, keep in mind that agency professionals work with numerous clients, developing a good sense of what works and what doesn’t. Because they work on a range of projects, they have wider knowledge of the subject, which will benefit the quality of your project. With an agency, you have an entire team behind you that is keeping up with the latest trends, ideas, and successes in the industry.

The fact is: experts are in extremely high demand and difficult to find and retain, especially now that growth, analytics, and data interpretation are must-have core competencies for all competitive modern businesses. Outsourcing marketing experts ensures you remain on your toes.  

How much does your company value cutting-edge marketing?

Accelerated Resources and Efficiency


Since agencies perform the same tasks over and over, they become highly specialized in each component of the marketing strategy, which also makes their tactics more efficient.


While you’ll need to take into account vacation time, other time off, or limited bandwidth with your internal marketing, outsourcing allows for continuity of deliverables and keeps you running on schedule.

Having a professional marketing team operating at the peak of efficiency seriously reduces the time it takes to see results and allows your company to focus on what you do best: deliver products and services.

Who would ensure peak performance: a small army or one individual?

Inevitable Growth


Working with an agency can also promote professional growth for members of your team, as it’s a way to learn how to undertake the necessary tasks for themselves and how to use the systems that are built in order to build internal marketing competencies. By quickly developing and executing successful marketing plans, an outsourced marketing team can garner the growth you’ve been aiming for.

If you’re still on the fence about which marketing path to invest in, a member of our team will happily answer your questions and consult your unique business model. Request a free consultation today!

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