Why CFOs Should Care About Sales and Marketing

As a CFO, you likely spend a lot of time analyzing your company's finances - tracking revenues, monitoring expenses, and looking for ways to improve the bottom line. But there's one area that is often overlooked yet can have a huge impact on your financial success - sales, marketing, and their demand generation efforts.

Demand generation refers to the strategies and tactics used to generate interest in your company's products or services and acquire new leads and customers. An efficient demand generation function can help drive substantial revenue growth by delivering a steady stream of qualified leads to your sales team. However, an inefficient demand-generation process can waste marketing resources and miss out on revenue opportunities.

Here are three reasons why you, as the CFO, should care if your company's demand-generation efforts are underperforming:

Lost Revenue Opportunities

Inefficient demand generation directly translates to lost revenue. When your marketing campaigns and lead generation efforts aren't optimized, you fail to capture interest from your full target audience. Even if your sales team is top-notch, they can only close the leads they receive. Lackluster demand generation leaves money on the table.

Wasted Marketing Spend

Ineffective demand generation not only loses potential revenue, but it also wastes precious marketing budget. Resources are invested in campaigns and programs that fail to produce results. Improving the efficiency of your demand generation function ensures you maximize the return on your marketing investment.

Increased Customer Acquisition Costs

Your cost to acquire customers goes up exponentially when demand generation can't deliver enough or enough qualified leads. Your sales reps end up having to work much harder to land deals, spending more time and money per customer obtained. By optimizing demand generation, you can reduce customer acquisition costs.

The Bottom Line

As CFO, improving your company's financial performance is a top priority. Take a hard look at the efficiency of your current demand generation efforts. Identify weak spots, whether it's poor campaign targeting, lack of sales and marketing alignment, or inadequate lead nurturing. Then dedicate resources to strengthening your demand generation process. Not only will your marketing teams be more productive, but you'll see the benefits reflected in your revenue growth. Don't leave this critical lever unoptimized.

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