FullFunnel Teams Up With IAG To Increase Qualified Pipeline By 400%


Company Name: Innovation Asset Group

Innovation Asset Group (IAG) is an award winning IP management software company headquartered in the Silicon Forest corridor of Oregon. IAG's flagship product is Decipher®, an advanced intellectual property solution enabling companies to better manage and leverage their intellectual property and innovation activities to increase company revenues. Elements of the solution include:

  • Invention Disclosure
  • Portfolio Management
  • Legal Spend Management
  • Patent Cost Estimation

“Our Mission: To Help Organizations Everywhere Unleash the Power of Intellectual Property”

Peter Ackerman - CEO

Innovation and intellectual property are now the main engines of growth, but they are not being driven to capacity by most organizations. To be competitively superior and successful in the creation and management of intellectual property, you need enabling technology and data.


While IAG had built an excellent reputation for the quality of the products and services they deliver to their customers, they spent the majority of their focus and zeal around the development of the product itself and less around sales and marketing.

IAG realized they needed to make improvements in these two areas and proceeded to hire a series of consultants without experiencing much improvement. They found that most consultants told a good story on the way in, but could not ultimately deliver what IAG was looking for.

Although the company was making a huge impact in the industry with its software technology, it found itself in need of a better approach to segmenting the market and creating the right messaging for the right people in order to increase sales


When Peter Ackerman, CEO of IAG, was asked how FullFunnel helped IAG to overcome its challenges, he responded:

"FullFunnel was easy to engage with and drove for results from the the very beginning. They did a thorough audit, framed the issues fast, deployed the right skills, inserted good infrastructure, and we were off and running. They’re great to work with"

FullFunnel sat down with IAG in the beginning of their engagement and conducted a deep dive into their business, rooting through the good, the bad and the ugly. As Matthew Iovanni, co-founder and CEO of FullFunnel likes to put it:

"We approach our client audits during the investigation phase by asking everyone to leave their egos at the door; there simply is no point to ignoring an elephant in the room if one gets discovered. Avoiding something that needs attention out of concern that someone could get offended does the company a serious disservice. We won’t do that."

IAG knew there were eyeballs out there searching for their product, and credits FullFunnel with having put the focus in the right places to make sure prospects found their way to the website. When asked what has stood out during their time with FullFunnel, among other things IAG listed the following:

  1. Superior level of communication

  2. Transparency into actions and execution results

  3. Ability to quickly course correct when needed

  4. Direct involvement in the sales process

FullFunnel was able to seamlessly onboard and augment IAG’s sales and marketing department, as advertised.


Within the first few months of IAG’s engagement with FullFunnel, it saw improvements that included:

  • 400% increase in sales pipeline growth
  • 12% increase in website traffic month-over-month
  • 9.3% conversion rate of visits to trial users
About IAG

IAG is the developer of Decipher, an industry standard intellectual property solution enabling companies to better manage and leverage their intellectual property and innovation activities to increase company revenues.

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“FullFunnel is extremely outcome driven which sets them apart from the others. Their enthusiasm is contageous and we attribute their efforts directly to increased success for our company. We're very pleased with them.”

Peter Ackerman


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