FullFunnel Takes Klick Push, Inc. From Product–Market Fit To Acquisition


Company Name: Klick Push, Inc.

Klick Push, Inc. is an advertising technology that enables marketers to incorporate and distribute digital music content across online marketing initiatives. Klick Push secures unique music licenses that allow marketers to curate and add any artist into their ad campaigns without having to deal with the red tape that exists when working with music industry. As a result, advertising, layered with curated music, has driven exponentially higher engagement and return on marketers’ investment than traditional advertising.

Klick Push raised a small amount of angel funding, attended a Tech Crunch Top 10 accelerator program, and received several accolades from the advertising industry for their innovative solution.


When FullFunnel teamed up with Klick Push, they had a product in the marketplace and had several Fortune 500 brands partnering up with them; but, they needed help finding a “product-market fit,” scaling the company, and positioning themselves for a potential acquisition. Before working with FullFunnel, Klick Push had churned out several sales people and failed to effectively generate industry awareness of their company and their product. Furthermore, they wanted to implement an accountable sales and marketing infrastructure while keeping the team size small and the company bootstrapped. This would allow them to be more impactful with their funding.


In just six months, FullFunnel implemented the following....

  • Guerrilla marketing videos targeted at brand marketers
  • A lead generation program
  • Scalable prospecting engine
  • Customer nurturing cadences
  • A voice across social media
  • Content and thought leadership strategy


When Klick Push brought on FullFunnel as an extension of its sales and marketing team, they were able to successfully capture a significant amount of market attention and position Klick Push for acquisition!

The results included:

  • Generating 5,000+ qualified agency and Fortune 500 leads
  • Converting 20% of qualified leads into meetings
  • Onboarding major clients such as Live Nation, Zappos, AT&T, and Svedka Vodka
  • Helping to secure additional funding
  • Getting the company successfully acquired!

Due to the great results that Klick Push experienced with FullFunnel, the company that has acquired Klick Push is now also working with FullFunnel!

About Klick Push

Klick Push is revolutionizing how brands connect with their followers and customers. By securing unique music licenses, Klick Push allows marketers to curate and add any artist into their ad campaigns without having to deal with the red tape that exists when working with music industry.

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Hear it from our clients

The team absolutely blew me away. Within only two weeks of starting to work with them our narrative became clearer, customer objections were overcome, and sales momentum had drastically improved.

Ben Jorgensen

CEO, Klick Push

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