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FullFunnel Grows DAG's Qualified Pipeline by $6M in 14 Months


Data Advantage Group is an industry leader in metadata management and data governance solutions and was recognized by Gartner’s Magic Quadrant as a top challenger in the space. Their MetaCenter® solution helps large enterprises govern their information assets and enable agile data management.


Data Advantage Group came to FullFunnel in August 2015 with a need to build their sales pipeline and limited in-house sales resources for lead generation, prospecting, outreach, and follow up.


FullFunnel worked with Data Advantage Group to develop and execute an effective sales strategy that included:

  • Buyer Persona identification and build out
  • Conversion focused website design and development
  • Sales process definition and execution
  • CRM implementation
  • Phone, email, and social media prospecting
  • Qualification of opportunities
  • Paid search campaign landing page development, conversion optimization, and ongoing management
  • Event promotions and support


The results of the new sales program were impressive:

  • 1,400 average prospecting touchpoints weekly
  • Over 200 leads, generating $6 million in qualified pipeline since inception
  • Over $2 million closed in annual revenue
  • 11X return on deployed capital

To date, FullFunnel has partnered closely with Data Advantage Group in order to drive substantial pipeline and revenue growth.


About DAG

Data Advantage Group™ is a leading provider of enterprise metadata management and data governance solutions. Our MetaCenter® platform enables organizations to govern their information assets while lowering costs, improving agility and reducing operational risks.


“FullFunnel really brought in a more mature sales process which has been very helpful for us as we grow.”

-Geoff Rayner, CEO Data Advantage Group

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