FullFunnel Produces 183 Net New Closed Won Deals In One Week For Political Outbound Messaging Organization

Company Background

Since 2011, our client has continuously evolved to capitalize on the demand for robocalls and, more recently, peer-to-peer (P2P) text messaging to support political campaigns. Our client’s leadership realized that political campaigns were spending significant budgets on robocalls and saw an opportunity to generate substantial revenue and broaden the company’s offerings to services outside of just political consulting. As our client matured as a business, so too did the company’s core solution. 

In the past few years, our client created a new self-service system that enables customers to take advantage of outbound messaging solutions such as robocalls and text messages within just hours of their initial signup of the platform. 

Compared to other competitors on the market, our client’s self-service solution offers various advantages including the easy-to-use interface and sign-up process, guaranteed compliance with FCC, TCPA, and more recently, 10DLC regulations, and a unique pricing model built to support campaign efforts of all sizes.


The Challenge

At the time of approaching FullFunnel, our client’s stakeholders were aiming to scale the business among registered political campaigns, organizations, political action committees (PACs), consulting firms, ballot initiatives, and nonprofits throughout the United States. Organic traffic had been a staple of our client’s revenue generation from these verticals up to this point, accounting for a majority of the brand’s sales. Additionally, our client heavily relied on partnerships with political consultants and paid advertising through Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn to generate sales. 

An area that our client had not explored fully is outbound prospecting targeting different verticals that are ideal candidates for the company’s self-service platform. This lack of outbound sales activity encouraged their stakeholders to seek a potential partnership with FullFunnel.

As the partnership grew, FullFunnel confirmed significant seasonality in the behavior of the marketplace towards robocalls and texting. While business was steady in the early and middle months of the year, our client needed a partner to help them scale significantly in the peak months of October and September to take advantage of increased market opportunities.


The Solution

Recognizing the seasonality of the sales push, the FullFunnel team built a robust playbook that would allow the client’s teammates to ramp quickly and become contributing sales teammates immediately upon onboarding. This plan included a step-by-step guide to interacting with target prospects and a lead-to-close guide for bringing a campaign stakeholder from call to close in an efficient and practical manner.

Next, FullFunnel began building reports directly from the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and sales enablement tools that illustrated the purchasing patterns of their target customers. The data clearly showed a unique opportunity to double down on the resources of the team to reach record sales numbers in the busy weeks leading up to Election Day. This visibility and data analysis, combined with the flexibility of the staffing resources at FullFunnel, allowed our client to double the size of their dedicated sales team and close over $200k in a 6 week period leading up to voting day.



FullFunnel’s goal was to quickly onboard the additional sales resources and set record months of revenue generation as the company looked to continue to scale. This goal would be made possible by the lead-close process that was mapped out before the demand generation team was doubled.

With voting happening on November 8th, the first week of November leading up to the election saw 183 net new closed won deals come through the pipeline for a November revenue of over $110k. In October, the numbers tell a similar story, with over $80k in closed won deals.

When we take a look back at our initial engagement in 2021, we were able to drive just under $30k in revenues both for October and November leading up to the election date. During this engagement, we deployed partially dedicated resources to templatize demand generation efforts. In 2022, our client was primed to scale and we added two full-time resources that we were able to drive an 8x ROI through the sales funnel. Between October 1 and Election Day on November 8th, the dedicated team generated just under $200k

Within 2022, our client’s platform saw product evolutions, pricing changes, regulatory requirement updates, and more. Despite the changing variables, the FullFunnel team has created a scalable, efficient demand generation program primed to handle the seasonality of political campaigns and continue to help support the growth of our valued client in the market.

Hear It From Our Clients

FullFunnel provided us with the sales and marketing strategies, processes, and experts we needed, and were instrumental to the growth at EnableSoft. Their team became an extension of our team and were invested in our success. I’d recommend FullFunnel to any company interested in scaling their business.

Craig Petersen

COO, Enablesoft

I have been impressed with FullFunnel’s ability to quickly learn and acquire the needed acumen to pitch our technical services. FullFunnel was able to accelerate our outreach beyond our existing resources and thus strike the delicate balance between optimized at-scale outreach with the critical aspect of personalized sales.

Jason Youmazzo

Director of Sales Operations, NTS

When your personal name is attached to revenue goals, you have to have the right outside partners by your side. They have to be strategic thinkers, have the technical expertise, bring the right attitude, and combine it all with a business acumen to understand your business and that of your prospects. FullFunnel brings that and more. We are enormously grateful for their partnership, agility, doggedness, and even candor when needed. I know they won’t stop until we reach our goals and everyone is happy.

Kristin Richardson

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, PartnerMD

"The FullFunnel team has exceeded expectations and has proven to be a great partner, providing the resources, support, and expertise we needed to hit our growth targets."

Lucy Levy

VP of Global Acquisition, Zumba

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