Tech Review: MosaicVoice

What Problem Does It Solve? 

MosaicVoice listens to both sides of phone conversations and provides real-time guidance, objection handling messages based on the conversation, and provides powerful call and conversation analytics for managers of agents.

It has impressive features to help managers not only understand their agents best calls, but help replicate those call outcomes across agents, ensure compliance, and "whisper" to agents during live calls.

Who Should Use It? 

It would be a great fit for a medium to large team of call agents and managers who are looking to reduce training time, increase compliance, and better understand how they can replicate their best customer calls. It can work for sales teams or customer service teams. 

Would We Recommend It? 

I would absolutely recommend this technology for teams of agents handling somewhat scripted conversations and for teams looking to reduce agent ramping time.

This solution would not be the best for complex sales that require individual contributors with immense amounts of product knowledge and where every conversation is unique.

This platform would be a perfect fit for the scaling team of script-forward sales or customer service agents as well as contact centers.

Not only is the technology impressive, but the team over at Mosaic Voice has been incredibly helpful over the years and always quick to both build requested features as well as troubleshoot some of the unique circumstances we've had with some clients. 

Hear What We Thought

Hear what Luke George, Managing Director of Revenue Operations has to say about MosaicVoice.

What is MosaicVoice?

MosaicVoice makes tools for better conversations in voice and video calls. 


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