Tech Review: Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

What Problem Does It Solve? 

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly known as Pardot) is a Salesforce-exclusive marketing automation solution that enables organizations to easily integrate their sales and marketing functions.

The tool features interesting capabilities such as AI-lead scoring, in addition to everything else a business needs from a marketing automation perspective. From customer journey building, to email marketing, to organic social post scheduling, this platform has it all in one place. The solution also integrates with several paid advertising channels and allows for metrics to be tracked with digestible, visually pleasing dashboard.

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement streamlines the process of nurturing leads down the funnel and ensuring connection between sales and marketing. This enables businesses to close more deals and get the most out of their pipeline.

Who Should Use It? 

As part of Salesforce, only organizations that use Salesforce as their CMS are able to use the solution. It is also quite expensive, with no free plan and tiers ranging from $1250 per month to $15000 per month to access the entire feature suite.

Would We Recommend It? 

If you are an enterprise organization with a Salesforce CRM and a need for marketing automation solution, Marketing Cloud Account Engagement is a strong choice.
It combines ease of use with a tremendous depth of features, as well as unique tools like AI-powered lead scoring.
This solution is off the table for any organizations that are not using Salesforce, and smaller organizations should be major given pause by its high price tag. However, if your business uses Salesforce and has the funds available, this solution may be right for you. Although it is a great tool, price and Salesforce exclusivity limit the number of organizations that are a true fit for Marketing Cloud Account Engagement.

Hear What We Thought

Hear what Bryan Bruwer,  Digital Marketing Analyst has to say about Marketing Cloud Account Engagement.

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement
What is Marketing Cloud Account Engagement?

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot) is a B2B marketing automation platform through Salesforce.


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