Tech Review: Bombora

What Problem Does It Solve? 

Bombora is a B2B data platform specializing in providing privacy-compliant intent data to help businesses identify and prioritize in-market potential customers.

The technology behind Bombora collects and analyzes data from various online sources, such as website visits, content consumption, and search activities. By monitoring companies' online behavior, Bombora identifies signals of intent, revealing which organizations are actively researching specific topics or products related to a business's offerings.

This enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing and sales campaigns by focusing resources on prospects more likely to convert. It can also reduce churn by identifying which clients are looking at different solutions. 

Who Should Use It? 

Large enterprise B2B companies, especially those employing account-based marketing strategies, and their revenue operations departments stand to gain the most from Bombora's technology.

Would We Recommend It? 

At this time we lack sufficient data to wholeheartedly endorse investing in Bomboras robust yearly offering. For smaller firms, we recommend exploring alternative, more cost-effective platforms to test intent data, including several platforms that use Bombora's intent data, though they have fewer capabilities.  Noteworthy lead providers that grant access to Bombora intent data include: 6sense,, InsideView, ZoomInfo, and Demandbase. 

If you do test Bombora, we recommend going in with baseline data so you can compare and gauge the effectiveness or accuracy of the intent-based data.

Hear What We Thought

Hear what Zoltan Eross, Account Manager has to say about Bombora.

What is Bombora?

Bombora provides intent data to B2B organizations for sales acceleration and churn reduction. 


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