Tech Review: 6sense

What Problem Does It Solve? 

The core problem that 6sense addresses is the challenge of effectively identifying and engaging with potential customers in today's complex digital landscape. 6sense offers real-time insights into buyer intent, enabling businesses to target their efforts more precisely and increase their chances of converting leads into customers.

6sense leverages advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyze vast amounts of data from various sources, including website visits, social media interactions, and more. By processing this data, the platform generates insights into buyer behavior and intent, allowing businesses to prioritize and personalize their outreach efforts.

Ultimately, the technology empowers organizations to streamline their sales and marketing processes, optimize resource allocation, and drive revenue growth.

Who Should Use It? 

B2B companies and their Revenue Operations (RevOps) Teams would benefit from 6sense technology. Larger companies are much more likely to be able to afford its higher price point though. 

Would We Recommend It? 

If you have the resources and are going to get a lot of use from its many features, yes! 

It has a LOT of features. It encompasses programmatic advertising, intent data, website visitor identification, contact information, predictive analytics, and more. If you are only needing some of these, there are more economic choices out there. 

Hear What We Thought

Hear what Zoltan Eross, Account Manager has to say about 6sense.

What is 6sense?

6sense is a B2B data, ABM, and predictive intelligence platform designed to help businesses identify and engage with potential customers throughout the buying journey.


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