Provide Your Sales Reps With The Best Leadership With an Outsourced SDR Manager

FullFunnel's outsourced SDR managers give your sales reps the guidance and leadership they need to succeed. Our outsourced SDR management services help your organization

Avoid training a front-line sales or SDR manager
Save time by not having to manage your sales reps
Streamline the admin, coaching, training, and campaign guidance of your entry-level sales professionals
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Managing Your Sales Reps, Made Easy

Access Seasoned Sales Professionals

Enable your entry-level sales reps to learn from tenured, experienced salespeople who can equip them with the tools they need for sustained success.

Focus on Growing Your Business

Stop worrying about overseeing the day-to-day of your sales reps. Receive reports, metrics, and progress write-ups on your reps.

Subject Matter Experts

Through an in-depth internal onboarding process, our SDR Managers will become subject matter experts in your product and market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need An SDR Manager?

Managing your SDRs can be quite an administrative burden for your organization. Your sales director or other critical team members may be taking time out of their days to oversee the development of your sales reps, which is obviously an incredibly important task, but many times it is not an optimal use of their time. An outsourced SDR manager takes this burden off of your team, and gives you back more time to focus on other tasks. Additionally, your SDRs greatly benefit from a fully-dedicated leader who can focus 100% of their time developing their skills and ensuring they are progressing.

Pairing FullFunnel SDRs with an SDR Manager can help your organization leverage the synergy of a completely outsourced team of experts that are completely dedicated to helping your team grow.

What Kind Of Background Should An SDR Manager Have?

The best SDR managers are people who have been in the SDR role before, and fully understand the day-to-day of the role, from its challenges to its opportunities. SDRs themselves have reported that previous experience in the SDR role is the single most important attribute they value in a manager. Although you might think it makes sense for a higher tenure individual to manage your SDR team, these employees’ time can oftentimes be spent elsewhere, and they might be a bit disconnected from their time as an SDR (if they even have experience in the role). Your SDRs are going to benefit most from being led by someone they can relate to, and who has learned the skills they need to succeed.


The FullFunnel Difference

FullFunnel is not just an outsourced sales provider or sales staffing agency. We pride ourselves on providing end-to-end revenue operations support services designed to help your organization solve all of its sales and marketing problems.

We offer comprehensive solutions for everything outsourced sales and marketing, starting with sales team staffing and ranging from full sales program construction, to digital marketing, to sales training, to CRM optimization. We exist to help your firm grow in every area.

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Hear It From Our Clients

“FullFunnel was easy to engage with and drove for results from the very beginning. They did a thorough audit, framed the issues fast, deployed the right skills, inserted good infrastructure, we were off and running. They’re great to work with.”

Peter Ackerman

CEO - Asset Innovation Group

"The FullFunnel team has exceeded expectations and has proven to be a great partner, providing the resources, support, and expertise we needed to hit our growth targets."

Lucy Levy

VP of Global Acquisition - Zumba

"I am personally very thankful to have access to the knowledgeable resources at FullFunnel."

Beverly Sutherland

Founder - EdTechnologyFunds

"The team absolutely blew me away. Within only two weeks of starting to work with them our narrative became clearer, customer objections were overcome, and sales momentum had improved drastically."

Maren Donovan

Founder and Former CEO - Zirtual

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