Sales Analyst

Job Description

Our Sales Analysts (SAs) are intellectually curious and data-driven professionals that are looking to jumpstart their careers. As a Sales Analyst, you are exposed to a wide variety of sales and marketing programs and business challenges from day one, which significantly enhances your professional perspective. Our SAs learn in one year at FullFunnel what their counterparts at other organizations learn in two to four years.

Essential Functions

  • Working with both the FullFunnel team and clients to develop and execute sales, marketing, and business development strategies
  • Coordinating with the Account Directors, Marketing Strategists, Sales Strategists, and Digital teams to deliver high-quality sales and marketing services
  • Developing sales and marketing collateral to be used in a variety of campaigns
  • Deploying prospecting campaigns using tele-prospecting, email, and social channels
  • Analyzing and reporting on a variety of sales and marketing efforts

Core Competencies

  • Intellectually curious with intense desire to continuously learn new things
  • Analytic mindset with ability to gather, manipulate, and interpret datasets
  • Ability to understand target audiences and build and deploy campaigns to reach and convert those audiences


  • Bachelor's Degree in related area of study
  • You know what BANT means
  • You are not afraid to make a cold call

Ideal Candidate:

Analytical, creative, eager, financially motivated, and fanatical about continuously learning.

Years of Experience:

0 - 2


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