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Acquisition of Leading Boston-based Sales Agency Bolsters FullFunnel’s Sales Development Program

Mac + Lee has joined forces with FullFunnel, the leading sales and marketing outsourcing and advisory services firm. The acquisition strengthens FullFunnel’s sales operations capacity, adding over 20 seasoned sales professionals and management consultants to the FullFunnel team.

Mac + Lee has a nearly 20 year history of delivering excellence for clients in Education, Technology, Healthcare, and Professional Services, and with a proven track record of driving results for organizations such as Oracle, IBM, Intacct, Pearson Education, Promethean, Olympus, Konica Minolta, Discovery Communications, and many more.

The acquisition adds more sales capacity to FullFunnel’s industry leading integrated demand outsourcing service, making it an even wiser decision for organizations looking to achieve the sales results they desire without the costs they dread.

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