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Gwen Wiscount is an Account Director and Partner at FullFunnel. As an Account Director, she acts as the central point of communication for clients within her “pod” business unit, as well as leading account strategy, project management, reporting, and professional development for her team of sales and marketing outsourcing experts. As the first employee at the firm, Gwen has demonstrated a fierce passion for delivering results to her clients and was brought in as a Partner, as well. Her duties as Partner include heavily contributing to internal decisions that propel the organizational growth of FullFunnel, and providing more broad business administration and strategic consulting to C-suite executives across industries.

Gwen came from a sales background and harnessed her determination and passion for making a genuine difference for businesses when signing onto FullFunnel. In the years since joining the other founders, she’s expanded her perspective and understanding of how sales programs can be effectively deployed across industries by continuously innovating and questioning strategic norms.

Professional Roots & Attraction to FullFunnel

Growing up surrounded by passionate business people within her own family, Gwen knew that being an entrepreneur and creating something from the ground up was part of who she is. Upon hitting her mid-20s, Gwen hit her stride as a successful regional sales manager, taking pride in her sense of accountability and her passion to pursue, and motivate others to pursue goals that made a difference to her organization’s bottom line. She remained in that position for four and half years.

Around that time, Gwen felt ready to make a change and take a next step in her career. She wanted not only to lead, but to create something brand new that would change the way businesses deploy sales and marketing forever. Knowing that she would be leaving her secure position and financial security behind, Gwen was asked to join FullFunnel, identified that their philosophy on sales and marketing alignment made sense, and jumped in feet first.

FullFunnel Role & Evolution

In true start-up fashion, Gwen took on a variety of responsibilities to meet client demands as part of the small team of three founders, with a fourth joining shortly after. While she had a very clear understanding of how to build effective sales programs, some of the duties related to business consulting and top-of-funnel demand generation took her out of her comfort zone. Passionate as ever and determined to learn, Gwen took on these new challenges headfirst. Like her colleagues, she understood that taking risks was necessary to maximize the rewards in any given project, and she never shied away from a subject that she was unfamiliar with. Instead, she learned how to produce results.

In the eighteen months following her inauguration as a FullFunnel member, Gwen spent her energy on building her knowledge. She read business literature, conferred with her peers, and listened to industry leaders to push herself to the next level and act as an advisor to the business executives she served. The tension and conflict present in this early stage environment accelerated her professional development.

Inevitably, with knowledge came power. Gwen was finally fulfilling her sense of entrepreneurship, and reached a level of competence where she felt truly confident in advising executives that would have been considered her “superiors” only months earlier. In its first year of business, Gwen played a major role in growing FullFunnel to $2MM and was named a partner of the firm in recognition of her contributions. In a very literal sense, Gwen capitalized on one of FullFunnel’s core principles, “Act like an owner and be treated like an owner.” By taking on major business development responsibilities and showing her dedication to the firm’s success, she was awarded a seat at the table of decision-makers for the company.

As FullFunnel evolved, Gwen continued to manage her pod with ferocity and do whatever it took to achieve profitability for her accounts. However, she also recognizes the company’s unique culture and dedication to building world-class sales and marketing professionals. Drawing on her own experience, Gwen has demonstrated another level of leadership by mentoring her peers and keeping them focused on taking the necessary steps to better their positions. In addition to evangelizing these ideals and instilling passion in her fellow employees, she continues to set an example by regularly sharing her new findings, by participating in executive leadership training, and by regularly breaking new ground and introducing new, innovative processes for her clients.

Over the course of just three and a half years, Gwen has managed sales and marketing programs for 26 different companies. She has launched go-to-market strategies with early-stage venture-backed clients, and she’s formalized and scaled demand generation for 30-year-old middle-market organizations. She has presented to boards to secure funding, closed business with Fortune 500 companies, and overseen efforts to build out partnership programs. All of these opportunities began as challenges, but with the right drive, attitude, and support from her peers, she’s evolved her business acumen and risen to the top of her field.



Gwen Wiscount
Partner and Account Director

What I Do:

Manage a portfolio of business and drive revenue objectives with portfolio stakeholders, who include CEOs, COOs, and VPs of Sales & Marketing. Advise executive leaders on how to build productive demand generation programs, then propose and scope those efforts as part of FullFunnel’s client acquisition process.

Where I Started:

Employee #1

Long-Term Goal:

CEO of FullFunnel. Building a department within the firm to focus on advising and executing non-profit fundraising strategies.


We love to talk about how FullFunnel is your platform, and it’s really the truth. I managed to land the role I wanted - walking in, advising business leaders how to run their companies, and then executing the plan for them - in a span of 3 ½ years. That’s unheard of in most companies. Whenever possible, I encourage any FulFunnel team member or new hire to use this platform; embrace it, learn from it, and know that in 2, 5, and 10 years from now you will be astonished at how much you have grown.

Knowledge is power. Perspective is power. Experience is power. FullFunnel gives you that power in your career.

—Gwen Wiscount

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