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Grant Bedard is one of the founding employees of FullFunnel, and a member of the FullFunnel operations team. Acting as the Sales Operations Specialist since the company’s inception, he has been integral in the development of proven outbound prospecting programs designed to identify and capture qualified leads for FullFunnel clients. In addition to leading his team in the development and execution of sales processes, Grant is also the de facto source for data solutions in CRM instances.

In the years since FullFunnel’s founding, Grant has been a rock for the organization, reliably interpreting sales outcomes and building action plans that ensure client successes. He has achieved success in his position by independently researching and experimenting to build his skills and providing frank, data-supported perspectives to the senior leadership team.

Professional Roots & Attraction to FullFunnel

Coming from an educational background in Environmental Engineering, Grant had no prior experience with sales and marketing functions when FullFunnel was formed. Fortunately, he was able to use his background to his advantage. Grant employed his analytical mindset and problem-solving skills to offer FullFunnel strategic solutions that broke the mold of standard sales and marketing practices.

During his studies at UConn, Grant developed his appreciation for data-driven experimentation. He worked in a lab in the basement of Castleman building, where he spent a year and a half decrypting the adsorption mechanisms that occurred at the goethite-water interface. While investigating the binding mechanisms of carbonate and sulfate on goethite as a function of pH and surface area, he began to understand the importance of iterative testing and how to draw sound conclusions from variate analyses.

Seeking a creative application for his skills, Grant decided to bring them to a business setting where A/B testing reigned supreme and statistical significance could have a major impact on a company’s success. In his search for a business opportunity, he came upon what would be the founding group of FullFunnel, where he was offered a position as an associate.

FullFunnel Role & Evolution

As FullFunnel rapidly grew in 2015, Grant acted as a jack of all trades, trying his hand at every function of sales and marketing outsourcing. In any given week, his workload could include writing and editing blogs, developing landing pages, being a scribe for client demos, or working alongside the sales team. He immediately took the most interest in the sales consulting aspect, and made early improvements to the process by establishing a means to uniformly measure sales results and identify successful campaigns.

As the company began to resemble the organization it is today, Grant decided to dedicate himself wholly to the creation of the sales prospecting methodology utilized across the accounts. Working closely alongside the senior staff team, who had years of experience in the sales space, he began developing a proper outbound prospecting model.

Recognizing that there was a common set of activities that tended to produce more connections and qualified leads, Grant established the framework for the multi-channel, platform-driven prospecting program known as Targeted Sales Outreach™ (TSO). The system involves implementing a common field set in the client’s CRM and sales automation software, then executing multi-channel outreach at a manageable, scaled cadence that sustains productivity levels. As sales activities are executed, outcomes are recorded, and FullFunnel and their client are able to access statistically meaningful performance data across each channel and campaign. This means decisions about changing sales messaging and improving results could be made safely and faster than ever.

TSO is used in nearly every FullFunnel client’s sales and marketing outsourcing plan today. Grant has continued to lead the effort on refining the TSO deployment process and associated reporting methods. By incorporating automated processes and new findings to improve the efficiency and impact for all of FullFunnel’s 30+ clients across industries, he has made major changes that raise the return on deployed capital for every account.



Grant Bedard
Sales Ops Specialist

What I Do:

Scope and propose the prospecting programs for FullFunnel clients, designing them to scale as their businesses grow. Internally, I lead and advise FullFunnel Account Directors and Sales Strategists in planning, building, and operating dynamic prospecting efforts, as well as providing general troubleshooting and solutions engineering assistance on CRM applications.

Where I Started:

At a kitchen table with the founding leaders of FullFunnel

Long-Term Goal:

Director of Sales Operations at FullFunnel, leading sales program strategy and managing and mentoring a team of Sales Operations Specialists.


In working at FullFunnel, I’ve fully subscribed to the mantra of ‘Act like an owner and be treated like an owner.’ I feel encouraged to question procedures and continue improving and building what’s already in place. If it’s broken, can we fix it, or should we try something else? And if it works, how can we make it work even better? FullFunnel has prepared me for any professional environment I could imagine, and there’s no way I would have become as competent as I am in such a short timeframe at another organization. Currently I sit in a role where I am able to manage not only my own work, but delegate tasks and collaborate with teammates ensure that sales processes are installed as tactfully as possible. From my perspective, there’s no situation that we can’t overcome because everyone here shows such tenacity. Fullfunnel has created some of the country’s best salespeople and marketers, and we will prove it to you.

—Grant Bedard

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