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Gina Ruscio holds the position of Account Director for one of FullFunnel’s business units, called pods. Pods are teams of sales and marketing specialists that strategize, develop, and deploy outsourced sales and marketing services for FullFunnel clients. As an Account Director, Gina is responsible for administering the overall success of her five to seven assigned accounts, as well as lending her expertise and project management skills to the production team in an oversight capacity.

After an initial six months as a Marketing Strategist at FullFunnel, Gina Ruscio was promoted to Account Director due to the rapid expansion of the firm. Upon transitioning, Gina was able to set the standard for project leadership by demonstrating her diligence and attention to detail, her ambition and accountability for meeting goals, and her ability to effectively communicate to teammates at any level of the organization.

Professional Roots & Attraction to FullFunnel

While enrolled at Northeastern University, Gina took full advantage of her school’s co-op programs to explore marketing roles on demand generation teams, initially securing positions with various technology companies. As a goal-oriented person, she was accepted into Intuit’s Rotational Development Program, which is designed to help early career employees establish themselves as leaders in their respective fields. Her first role was in Product Marketing. In addition to building leadership skills, Gina took advantage of her position to better understand customer experiences and use data to support her decisions. She was able to form a well-rounded perspective on how her projects impacted both internal stakeholders and end-user customers; a holistic way of thinking that is essential for any business leader.

Having experienced marketing responsibilities firsthand, Gina knew that she needed to balance out the equation and learn more about sales programs. While at Intuit, she moved into a role that would allow her to interface more with a traditional inside sales team as a Sales Operations Analyst. During her time in this role, Gina focused on sales reporting and compensation. The biggest results of her time at Intuit was the ability to see how different personas move through the entirety of the sales and marketing funnel, from acquisition to close to expansion opportunities.

Upon the divestiture of that division of Intuit, Gina wanted to move to a smaller organization to drive a higher degree of impact, work with senior leaders across multiple industries, and to drive value end-to-end through the funnel. She also was very conscious of the importance in having complete alignment between sales and marketing teams, and wanted the organization to be on the same page. She came upon the Marketing Strategist role at FullFunnel on LinkedIn and was excited by the opportunity.

FullFunnel Role & Evolution

As a Marketing Strategist, Gina was primarily responsible for content strategy and execution, social strategy and execution, creating informative and compelling messaging, and measuring the results of each of these efforts by channel. During this time, Gina focused on adding value and driving measurable impact of clients’ marketing programs. Her attention to the end result - successfully closing business - set her apart from other Marketing Strategists the FullFunnel leadership had seen in the past. After six months, Gina was promoted to the Account Director role.

In her new position as Account Director, Gina demonstrated a new level of competency in the realm of project management and client communication. She was often included in strategic sessions to develop new processes for completing client work, and has been instrumental in setting a standard for how pod teams interface with production members of the central operations unit. With her input and collaboration, FullFunnel has established successful systems for project delegation, internal quality control reviews, and client-facing progress updates. Account Directors in FullFunnel are also valued by the leadership team for their perspective and presence in day-to-day operations. As a result, they are frequently called upon to weigh in on important decisions for the organization. This level of transparency and demonstrated respect is exactly what Gina was hoping for, and has allowed her unprecedented access to build her expertise around different areas of business administration.

Between this aspect of her role and her regular duties - managing sales and marketing programs, managing a team of direct reports, and practicing general business management through ownership of the group’s finances and projects - Gina has grown into a business leader in her own right, able to stand shoulder to shoulder with the top executives that make up her clientele.



Gina Ruscio
Account Director

What I Do:

Drive strategy, coordinate project execution, and monitor performance for FullFunnel clients in her business unit. Act as the primary point of contact for client. Also responsible for ensuring the financial success of the pod, our projects, and its members.

Where I Started:

Marketing Strategist

Long-Term Goal:

Exhibiting positive leadership over a department as a Senior Executive at a Fortune 1000 company


FullFunnel has helped me grow exponentially faster as a results-driven leader than I would have in any other organization. My time here has developed my business acumen and leadership skills, giving me the confidence to work with senior professionals and positively impact their businesses. I believe that the culture established here, where I’m treated not as a subordinate, but as a true equal in the eyes of the leadership team, has been instrumental in my progress. It’s an experience I simply haven’t seen implemented anywhere else, and I’m really thankful for it.

—Gina Ruscio

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