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Fabiana Vilsan is a graduate of Brown University with a major in International Relations. She joined FullFunnel as a digital marketing intern in her junior year, and quickly fell in love with FullFunnel, choosing to come back as a full-time analyst the next year. She now works as an Account Director, leveraging the hard skills she learned as an analyst to drive the strategic vision for her clients.

Professional Roots & Attraction to FullFunnel

During her time at Brown University, Fabiana interned at a number of large organizations in order to discover her professional passions. Despite having positive experiences at all of these organizations, Fabiana found that they were often weighed down by bureaucratic processes and structures. She was drawn to FullFunnel’s quick and streamlined approach to problem-solving. 

One of FullFunnel’s key values is that nothing is sacred, and Fabiana experienced firsthand how willing all members of the FullFunnel team were to try new things, rigorously test their hypotheses, and pivot until they found the best solutions for their clients. This philosophy extends beyond FullFunnel’s clients, however. FullFunnel holds an open door policy where all improvements and suggestions from employees are welcome, and Fabiana felt comfortable contributing to the company culture and initiatives after only a few weeks working as an intern.

Lastly, one of the main reasons that Fabiana returned to FullFunnel after her internship was due to the people and mentorship opportunities at the company. Every team member was immediately welcoming and Fabiana developed friendships beyond the workplace with her analyst class. Furthermore, the executive team took an interest in Fabiana’s professional development, spending time with her one-on-one to discover her passions and help guide her.

FullFunnel Role & Evolution

Fabiana joined the FullFunnel team initially as a digital marketing analyst, learning how to design and run successful campaigns on networks such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. In addition to a strong passion for digital marketing, Fabiana was drawn to the outbound sales division within FullFunnel, and specifically the intersection between sales and marketing. She came back to FullFunnel after her senior year as a sales analyst, getting some on-the-ground experience with prospecting and deal management.

As time went on, Fabiana felt that she was in a unique position to combine her experiences on both the digital marketing and sales sides by taking on an Account Director position. As an Account Director, Fabiana works with a wide range of clients across multiple industries, including Human Resources, Healthcare, Cybersecurity, and more to develop effective demand generation strategies that combine both inbound and outbound channels.



Fabiana Vilsan
Account Director

What I Do:

Drive strategy for accounts, coordinate project execution, and monitor performance for FullFunnel clients in her portfolio. Act as the primary point of contact for client. Also responsible for ensuring the financial success of the portfolio.

Where I Started:




FullFunnel has helped me grow exponentially faster as a results-driven leader than I would have in any other organization. My time here has developed my business acumen and leadership skills, giving me the confidence to work with senior professionals and positively impact their businesses. I believe that the culture established here, where I’m treated not as a subordinate, but as a true equal in the eyes of the leadership team, has been instrumental in my progress. It’s an experience I simply haven’t seen implemented anywhere else, and I’m really thankful for it.

—Gina Ruscio

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