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Career Stories


Blake Kendrick is a member of the FullFunnel central operations team. He functions as the Marketing Operations Specialist across a wide array of accounts at the firm, working closely with internal team members to capitalize on automated processes to carry out their tasks. Blake is also heavily involved in the client acquisition process at FullFunnel, frequently acting as the lead solutions engineer and proposal writer during the Audit process for incoming accounts.

Over a span of eight months, Blake transitioned from his original position as Marketing Strategist to take on responsibilities that better suited his skill set by taking the initiative, owning his role, and working collaboratively with senior leadership within the organization.

Professional Roots & Attraction to FullFunnel

Blake studied psychology at the University of New Hampshire, eventually finding he had a knack for understanding people’s needs in a business context and turning to marketing. Upon graduation, he found his way to a small marketing agency in the New Hampshire seacoast area. The full-service agency environment allowed Blake to develop a wide range of skills, from constructing marketing messages to contributing to the design and development of websites. It was there that he discovered his strengths lie in his ability to see the bigger picture of a user’s experience, and how to assemble the components of a marketing campaign to increase the effectiveness of the whole. More specifically, he built his expertise around the combination of email marketing and automation.

As time went on, Blake felt that his development had reached a ceiling at the small firm. He also recognized the difficulty in delivering marketing-only programs and successfully proving their value. It makes much more sense to think of marketing and sales as a whole, since a successful deal closure is the inevitable goal and marketing can be grossly ineffective if it’s not informed by sales outcomes.

After doing some career hunting, Blake found FullFunnel, whose unified sales and marketing philosophies and emphasis on process fit nicely with his perspective.

FullFunnel Role & Evolution

Blake was initially hired as a Marketing Strategist in the fall of 2016. At the time, the position put heavy emphasis on content marketing strategies. As a larger firm than his previous workplace, Blake was responsible for content creation - eBooks, blog writing, and so on - for a larger portfolio of clients. The transition was difficult, and he faced burnout about four months in.

FullFunnel holds a truly open door policy where improvements to the firm, potential challenges, and new concepts are all taken seriously and considered by senior leadership. The idea is that any piece of information could potentially have a significant impact on the entire organization’s success. Blake brought his concerns about his position to the leadership team, and worked with them to build an alternative role that better fit his strengths.

A lot of software management, solution development, and data oversight for clients was being performed at the time by the COO. Due to his seniority, the need for more attentive internal management, and his expertise in other strategic areas, these responsibilities were not worthy of his station and were costly for the business. Coincidentally, they fit well with Blake’s skill set, and Blake transitioned to Marketing Operations Specialist.

After settling into that role, Blake also set a bigger goal for himself and for the company, hoping that he could take on a larger consultative role at FullFunnel. If successful, he would free the CEO, COO, and other senior leadership to position themselves as highly recognizable thought leaders and elevate the FullFunnel brand to new heights.

Knowing that he had significant gaps in experience with business administration and operational metrics, he took the initiative to consult with his managing team and establish a path for development. Blake immediately got involved in the client acquisition and business proposal process. There, he was able to observe his superiors and collaboratively strategize with them, vastly accelerating his knowledge gain over a few short months.



Blake Kendrick
Marketing Ops Specialist

What I Do:

Take a deep dive into incoming clients’ business operations, propose full sales and marketing service plans, and implement best practices for data integrity and automated processes. Support my fellow FullFunnel team members with establishing buyer journey and user experience strategies, software troubleshooting, and reporting accessibility.

Where I Started:

Marketing Strategist

Long-Term Goal:

Independent Sales and Marketing Consultant or Consulting Associate at a large firm


FullFunnel has helped me realize it’s not about whether you do or don’t know something. You can always learn. The biggest difference I see working here over previous employers is that there’s a powerful emphasis on action. So you have a good idea - let’s do something about it. FullFunnel has prepared me for any job in the future, not only because I’ve gained knowledge on the bigger picture of building highly effective sales and marketing programs, but because I know how to set a goal and actually follow through. Planning, sticking to processes, and knowing when to rely on the resources around you - that’s what makes you a deadly professional.

—Blake Kendrick

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