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I am pleased to announce FullFunnel’s acquisition of Boston-based sales agency, Mac + Lee. For nearly 20 years, Mac + Lee has delivered sales outsourcing services for clients in the Education, Technology, Healthcare, and Professional Services verticals. Mac + Lee has a proven track record of driving results for leading organizations such as Oracle, IBM, Pearson Education, Promethean, Olympus, Konica Minolta, and Discovery Communications, and brings a team of seasoned sales professionals and management consultants to FullFunnel.

This acquisition is exciting for FullFunnel for many different reasons. Not only does it nearly double the size of our team, but it immediately injects industry-specific, enterprise-level sales development talent into our integrated sales and marketing outsourcing teams. In addition to the Sales Development Representatives and consultants that are joining the team, we’re pleased to welcome Mac + Lee’s founder and CEO, Rhonda Lee, to FullFunnel’s executive team, where she’ll be working as a Senior Vice President out of our Boston office. Mac + Lee has also been a Salesforce.com partner since the 90’s, and instantly bolsters FullFunnel’s Salesforce.com capabilities.

The acquisition of Mac + Lee helps us further our mission of changing the way organizations deploy sales and marketing. The traditional method of hiring, training, and ramping sales reps is inefficient from both a cost and time perspective, taking, at best, six months to turn a new hire into a contributing team member. FullFunnel’s Targeted Sales Outreach™program solves this challenge by coupling top talent with highly-optimized prospecting systems, creating productive sales programs in days, not months. The addition of Mac + Lee only strengthens the TSO program by adding strategic, industry-specific sales talent.

We’re very excited for what the future has in store. Request a consultation to learn more about how FullFunnel is redefining sales and marketing, and how our proven process can help you achieve your business and revenue goals.

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